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South Pacific & Asia Sea kayak trips

Sea Kayak Fiji

Fiji is an island nation comprised of 322 islands spread over 230,000 square kilometers. The Yasawa group is a chain of 16 islands located north-west of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu. We spend our time in the Yasawas kayaking between islands, camping on isolated beaches, snorkelling the coral reefs and staying in small native villages getting to know the friendly locals. Southern Sea Ventures started paddling trips in the Yasawa Islands 28 years ago and they still remain one of our favourite destinations.

Sea Kayak Indonesia

New Guinea is divided into two halves, Papua New Guinea in the east and West Papua, a region of Indonesia in the west. It’s on the north-west tip of West Papua that the approximately 1500 islands that make up Raja Ampat are situated. The area abounds in tropical beaches, sapphire seas, exotic bird life and one of the world’s most spectacular marine habitats. Raja Ampat is a unique destination, not only for paddling, but also for those wanting to explore below the water as we snorkel at every opportunity.

Sea Kayak TONGA

During our Tonga kayak expeditions, we blend leisure with adventure. We paddle mornings, reserving afternoons for snorkelling vibrant coral reefs, exploring tropical forests, and experiencing village life. Vava’u retains its serene pace from a century ago. Evenings find us on untouched beaches under the Southern Cross, embraced by the South Pacific’s warm breezes.

Sea Kayak Melanesia

Embark on a 17-day expedition cruise through Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, immersing in their rich histories, cultures, and iconic WWII sites. Journey to the Trobriand Islands, recognised as the ‘Islands of Love’, and venture through the coral havens of the Louisiade Archipelago and the volcanic D’Entrecasteaux Islands. Experience rare species on Woodlark Island, engage in cultural rites on Loh and Ambrym Islands, and uncover the conservation treasures of Tetepare Island. Dive into Melanesia’s vibrant reefs, home to remarkable marine biodiversity. Bird enthusiasts will encounter unique species, and kayakers will relish serene coastal excursions.

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