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Trip grading

Easy, moderate or adventurous, we have a trip to suit your experience and thirst for adventure

Sea kayaking provides endless opportunity to experience the ocean under your own steam. From close encounters with wildlife, paddling slowly on mirror calm waters, drifting past towering cliffs of rock or ice to adventurous crossings in the open seas, we offer a trip to suit your ability and appetite for adventure.

We believe that with the right preparation, sea kayaking is an activity that any reasonably active person can participate in. While previous kayaking experience is not a requirement to sign up for our trips, the more prepared you are the more likely you will be to enjoy your trip. If you are new to sea kayaking and are unsure if the trip is right for you, just contact us and our expert staff can assist in choosing or guiding you to prepare for your trip.

It is important to remember that the degree of difficulty of the trip will in large part be determined by the weather we encounter. We use single and double sit-in expedition sea kayaks with spray skirts and rudders. The kayaks are stable, easy to paddle and control and are very forgiving. They are suited for beginners, experts or intermediate paddlers alike.


Suitable for active individuals of all abilities.

Prior paddling experience is not required. We may encounter a variety of weather conditions however the water is fairly protected, our paddling time on the water is limited to around 4 hours per day and we are able to modify our paddling location to suit the weather conditions.


Suitable for those with a sense of adventure.

Familiarity with sea kayaks is an advantage and it is important to have a sense of adventure. These trips involve paddling longer distances sometimes in wind, swell and occasionally involve small surf landings. Paddling may occur in exposed and open water for parts of the trip. We may have limited options to modify the trip. 


Suitable for paddlers and those with a sense of adventure.

These trips may encounter more difficult and varied paddling conditions. Participants should be fit, and prior paddling experience is advised. The trip will likely encounter sections of open water, ocean swell, wind and or some current and there is limited support or ability to modify the trip.