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Everything you need to know about sea kayaking in Fiji

Whether you’re preparing for your first paddling adventure or returning as a seasoned paddler, you likely have questions about what to expect on a sea kayaking trip with us to Fiji’s stunning Yasawa Islands. If your question isn’t answered in these Fiji FAQs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Why do we choose the Yasawa Islands for our fiji adventures?

The Yasawas are a chain of 16 volcanic islands renowned for their stunning natural beauty, from pristine beaches to vibrant coral reefs. They provide the perfect setting for adventure, allowing paddlers to explore remote beaches, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, and interact with the warm and welcoming local communities. SSV has been paddling these waters for over 30 years, drawing on our deep local connections and experience to offer unique and immersive guided kayaking adventures. 

What can I expect from a typical day on a Fiji paddling trip?

Days are full and invigorating. You’ll start with breakfast and a briefing before kayaking between islands, snorkelling in crystal-clear waters, or visiting local villages. Lunch is often on a secluded beach. Our Yasawa Tropical Island Dreaming trip may involve 3-4 hours of paddling per day, ideal for those looking for a relaxed pace, while the Yasawa Tropical Kayak Expedition requires more endurance with longer paddles suited to active adventurers or those with some prior paddling experience.

What kayaking skills or experience do I need?

The Yasawa Tropical Island Dreaming trip accommodates beginners and those with some paddling experience, focusing on enjoying the serene environment at a leisurely pace. The Yasawa Tropical Kayak Expedition, on the other hand, is tailored for paddlers with more experience or fit beginners eager for a challenge, including longer distances and potential open-water crossings.

What wildlife might I see in the Yasawa Islands?

The marine environment here is rich with life; you may encounter manta rays, sea turtles and myriad tropical fish species. The islands themselves host diverse birdlife, bats and offer a mix of open grasslands, dry woodlands and tropical forest.

Can you tell me about the cultural experiences on these trips?

Both trips provide immersive cultural experiences, allowing you to interact with local communities, participate in traditional kava ceremonies, and experience Fijian hospitality. All our trips are escorted by local guides and guests get to spend a night in a local village where they are treated to a traditional Meke and the chance to simply relax and interact with locals. 

What are the meal and accommodation options?

All meals during our trips are freshly prepared using local produce and cater to a variety of dietary needs. Accommodations include comfortable hotels at the beginning and end of the trips, standing camps with stretcher beds at our Tavewa basecamp, and screened two-person tents with thermarest mattresses for remote beach camping and village visits. For a unique local experience, upgrades to private beachside huts in Navotua are available, subject to availability. The Yasawa Tropical Kayak Expedition concludes with a relaxing final night at a cosy resort, providing a perfect end to your adventure.

What should I pack?

Essentials include lightweight, quick-dry clothing, robust water shoes, and personal snorkelling gear. For daily needs, bring a small dry bag. SSV will provide all kayaking and safety equipment, including kayaks, paddles, life jackets, and first aid kits. Also included are watertight bags for your personal gear and camping equipment.

When is the best time to visit?

The ideal time to visit Fiji for kayaking is during the dry season from May to November, which offers milder temperatures and less rainfall. SSV schedules trips primarily within this window to ensure the best possible conditions for our guests. The early and late parts of the season (May and October) often feature warmer temperatures and gentler breezes, making them particularly pleasant. For wildlife enthusiasts, the months of June through August are best for spotting manta rays, a highlight of the Yasawas’ marine life.

Can I create my own custom itinerary?

Absolutely! In addition to our scheduled departures, we offer private and custom trips that can be tailored to meet your specific preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for a more intimate experience with family or friends, or you have particular interests in certain areas of the Yasawa Islands, we can design a trip that aligns with your desires. Our expert team can modify trip durations, adjust the level of activity, and focus on special interests such as bird watching, snorkelling at unexplored reefs, or cultural deep dives. Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll create an unforgettable bespoke adventure for you.

What ages are the trips appropriate for?

Our kayaking adventures in the Yasawa Islands are generally suitable for individuals aged 12 and up, but we also offer special family-friendly departures that are perfect for younger paddlers. These special trips cater to families with children, making it an ideal choice for those looking to introduce their kids to the joys of outdoor and paddle sports in a safe and enjoyable setting. Enquire about our dedicated family-friendly departures, where children under 15 years old also receive a 25% discount. These departures include activities tailored to all ages, ensuring that everyone has a memorable and comfortable experience.