European & Mediterranean Sea Kayak Trips

Sea Kayak Croatia

Croatia is home to one of Europe’s largest archipelagoes with over 1,000 islands-perfect for a paddling trip! Our area of exploration is Northern Dalmatia, renown for its physical beauty as well as a fascinating history and culture. This part of the coast rewards paddlers with uncrowded and remote islands, stunning national parks and ancient sites to explore.

The scenery is diverse; from lush forests to stark limestone cliffs, quiet coves perfect for a dip and hillsides covered with olive groves and grapevines. The clear aquamarine waters and warm days will captivate every paddler.

Sea Kayak Norway

Norway is known for its spectacular fjords and glaciers, high mountains and superb coastal paddling. The country spreads 2000kms from south to north, with nearly a third of Norway lying above the Arctic Circle. The Lofoten Islands archipelago is situated above the Arctic Circle and showcases stunning scenery and quaint fishing villages. We stay in charming and attractive sea side cottages (traditional Robuer), surrounded by picturesque seascapes and mountain peaks.

Sea Kayak Italy

Italy enchants travelers with its stunning vistas, ancient history, and unrivaled cuisine and culture.

The Ligurian Coast and Cinque Terre, in Northern Italy, offers a unique blend of scenic beauty, from colourful fishing villages to vine-clad cliffs, best explored by kayak and on foot where roads can’t reach.

The Italian Lakes, a new addition to our adventures, promise serene kayaking experiences amidst crystal-clear waters, encircled by quaint towns and majestic mountains, epitomizing the Italian allure.

Sardinia, Italy’s second-largest island, contrasts with its rugged interiors and the exquisite northern archipelago, presenting a diverse palette of landscapes. Nearby Corsica unveils sandy beaches, hilltop villages, and historical harbours. Paddling through these regions offers a deep connection to their beauty, unveiling the essence of la dolce vita in each stroke.

Sea Kayak Greece

The island of Kefalonia is a stunning combination of forested mountains, azure waters and beautiful beaches, presenting the perfect backdrop for a kayaking holiday. Ithaca, the mythical island of Odysseus, is a magical island wth secluded coves of crystal-clear water surrounded by lush greenery and reached by a short ferry ride from Kefalonia. We base ourselves in guesthouses in different locations on both islands and experience diverse day paddles along the most scenic of coastlines. Join us on this fantastic island adventure and enjoy the history, culture, stunning scenery and legendary Greek hospitality.

Sea Kayak Türkiye

Türkiye is a country where east meets west. Northwest Türkiye (north of the Bosphorus at Istanbul) is geographically part of Europe while the major area of Türkiye is part of Asia. With over 7000 kilometres of coastline, Türkiye is a perfect paddling destination. Camping on remote beaches, paddling beneath Lycian tombs carved into sheer rock faces, visiting hot springs and exploring ancient ruins, we experience a wild and natural area of Türkiye.

Hike and kayak in the faroe islands

Tucked midway between Iceland, Scotland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Faroes are a craggy cluster of 18 mountainous islands. The Faroe Islands are the ideal destination for those looking for a remote, wild and fascinating travel experience.

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