Frequently asked questions

I have never kayaked before, can I still come on one of these trips?

Absolutely! We believe that with the right preparation, sea kayaking is an activity that any reasonably active person can participate in. While previous kayaking experience is not a requirement to sign up for our trips, the more prepared you are the more likely you will be to enjoy your trip. If you are new to sea kayaking and are unsure if the trip is right for you, just contact us and our expert staff can assist in choosing or guiding you to prepare for your trip or check out our trip grading page.

How fit do I have to be?

Sea kayaking can be compared to brisk walking or cycling and is an activity that any reasonably active person can participate in. Most of our trips would equate to around 4-5hours of activity per day with regular stops to enjoy wildlife, scenery, a snack or to stretch our legs. For some of our more adventurous trips there is the opportunity to paddle further or to include a hike to increase the time spend doing activities. The degree of difficulty of the trip will depend on the weather and the ability of our guides to modify the route in response to the conditions we encounter. 

Do I need to know how to roll?

Definitely not! An eskimo-roll (righting the kayak while you are still inside it) is a highly technical skill that requires lots of practice to master. While it is fantastic if you can roll we do not require it for any of our trips. On the flip side, prior knowledge and practice with a wet exit  (where you exit the kayak while it is upside-down in the water) is a great skill to know and practice prior to your adventure. If you don’t know what we are talking about, don’t worry we always run you through this on land prior to your first outing.

Can I paddle a single kayak?

Of course! We do offer a range of double and single kayaks on all our trips which we encourage people to share during the trip. On some of our departures, you may reserve a single kayak for your exclusive use however we do always reserve the right of our guides to assign the kayaks for the safety of our group.

Can I bring my own paddle?

Sure! We use a wide range of paddles across our different trips and while they are always of a good quality we understand if you are attached to your paddle. Our expert consultants can let you know prior to your trip what type of paddles are on offer, just contact us for details.