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in the wake of scott & shackleton:
ross sea antarctica

Jan-Feb 2025/ 26 – 28-day expedition cruise

in the wake of scott & shackleton: ross sea antarctica

The Ross Sea region in Antarctica stands as a testament to the raw beauty and untouched wilderness of Earth’s most isolated territories. Accessible only during the brief austral summer, this area offers a rare glimpse into pristine natural landscapes and a rich history of human exploration. Join us on an exclusive journey aboard the Heritage Adventurer, witnessing the majestic scale of nature rarely seen by human eyes. This voyage, featured in the slow TV documentary Go Further South, allows travelers to immerse themselves in the unparalleled beauty of the Ross Sea and its historical significance.

Explore the Ross Sea’s fascinating history

The Ross Sea’s legacy is deeply intertwined with the age of Antarctic exploration. Named after Sir James Clark Ross, who first discovered it in 1841, this region became the backdrop for the epic endeavors of renowned explorers like Robert Falcon Scott, Ernest Shackleton and Roald Amundsen. These expeditions, including the British National Antarctic Expedition and Shackleton’s ill-fated Trans-Antarctic expedition, marked the “heroic age” of exploration. Today, relics from this era, such as explorers’ huts, remain preserved, offering a window into the past. The unchanged landscapes, including Mount Erebus and the Transantarctic Mountains, continue to inspire just as they did a century ago. The area also serves as a living museum to the early biological discoveries of penguin rookeries, seals, and the slowly recovering whale populations, highlighting the region’s ecological resilience.

Aboard the Heritage Adventurer

Embark on a journey of discovery with the Heritage Adventurer, a vessel renowned for its robust ice-strengthened capabilities and equipped for exploring the remote corners of the Antarctic. Your adventure begins in Queenstown, New Zealand, where you’ll meet fellow explorers and our expert expedition team. After enjoying the alpine beauty of Queenstown, you’ll head to the Port of Bluff to set sail. The itinerary promises unparalleled exploration, from the untouched wildlife sanctuaries of The Snares and Enderby Island to the historical echoes of the Ross Sea region. Each day unfolds with lectures, wildlife sightings, and visits to historic and scientific sites, ensuring a comprehensive Antarctic experience. As you cruise through icy waters, observe pelagic birds, and marvel at glaciers, the Heritage Adventurer offers a comfortable and immersive platform for your Antarctic voyage, concluding with a reflective journey back to civilization via Campbell Island, teeming with unique flora and fauna.

A Journey Through Nature’s Masterpiece

The Ross Sea voyage is not just a historical journey but an expedition through one of the most dynamic ecosystems on the planet. Beyond the historic sites, visitors can marvel at the vast ice formations, observe the diverse wildlife including seabirds, seals, and whales, and visit modern scientific bases. The expedition also explores the Subantarctic Islands, such as The Snares and Macquarie Island, which are integral to the Southern Ocean ecosystem. These islands serve as a prelude to the Antarctic experience, offering insights into the biodiversity and ecological significance of the region. This journey not only showcases the breathtaking landscapes and wildlife of the Antarctic but also emphasizes the importance of conservation and understanding our planet’s natural heritage.

Ice, Wildlife, History: join us on An Epic Antarctic Journey


Easy – Moderate

This trip is suitable for active individuals with a thirst for adventure. The kayaking option suits paddlers with some kayak experience.


7 Jan-3 Feb, 2 Feb-1 Mar

10 Jan-6 Feb, 5 Feb-4 Mar


From AU$45,275.00 per person.

Additional kayaking supplement AU$2,995.00 per person.

Kayaking only available on January dates.

*Final price will depend on cabin chosen.


Landing fees, pre/post cruise transfers, one night hotel accommodation in a twin share room (incl. dinner/breakfast), all on board ship accommodation with meals, house beer, wine and soft drinks with lunch and dinner and all shore excursions and activities. Programme of lectures by noted naturalists.

If you choose the kayaking option and pay the kayaking surcharge, this will include all your paddling and kayak equipment and the services of a professional sea kayak guide throughout the duration of the voyage.


All items of a personal nature, laundry, drinks, gratuities. International/domestic flights, visas and travel insurance.

Day 1

Arrive in Queenstown, New Zealand, and join us at the designated hotel for an informal dinner, offering a great chance to meet fellow adventurers and our expedition team.

Day 2

After breakfast and free time in Queenstown, we’ll head to the Port of Bluff to board the ship, settle in, attend safety briefings, and begin our adventure towards The Snares.

Day 3

Arriving at The Snares, New Zealand’s nearest Subantarctic Islands and a haven for seabirds, we’ll Zodiac cruise to observe unique species like the Snares Crested Penguin and Buller’s Albatross, without landing due to their protected status.

Day 4

In the volcanic Auckland Islands, we’ll explore Enderby Island—renowned for its wildlife and accessible nature walks—spotting rare birds and the endangered Hooker’s Sea Lion at Sandy Bay.

Day 5

During a day at sea, engage in lectures on the Subantarctic Islands and spot diverse pelagic species, making it a highlight for birdwatching enthusiasts.

Days 6-7

Visit the unique breeding ground of the Royal Penguin, alongside King, Gentoo, and Rockhopper penguins, amidst Southern Elephant Seals, guided by scientists and Park Rangers.

Days 8-10

As we navigate the Southern Ocean towards the Ross Sea, encounter albatross, petrels, and icebergs, entering the perpetual daylight of the Antarctic Circle.

Days 11-22

In the unpredictable Ross Sea region, we’ll explore Antarctica’s historic highlights, adapting our journey to the ice and weather. Our focus includes wildlife, key scientific bases, historic sites, and the breathtaking scenery of glaciers and icebergs. Destinations like Cape Adare, home to the largest Adelie Penguin rookery, and the Ross Ice Shelf’s imposing ice cliffs showcase the blend of natural wonder and historical intrigue. While specific landings are subject to conditions, each location—from the desolate beauty of Franklin Island to the scientific outposts at Terra Nova Bay—offers a unique glimpse into the heart of Antarctica’s vast wilderness.

Days 23-25

On the way to Campbell Island, enjoy lectures, observe pelagic species, and relax onboard after the Antarctic adventure.

Day 26

Exploring Campbell Island from Perseverance Harbour, we’ll encounter its rugged beauty, diverse wildlife, and the remarkable Southern Royal Albatross at their hilltop breeding sites.

Day 27

As we head to the Port of Bluff, relax, edit photos, ask our team questions, and enjoy a farewell dinner, recapping our expedition’s highlights.

Day 28

Arriving early at Port of Bluff, we bid farewell over breakfast, offer transfers to local airports, and advise on travel bookings due to potential delays or itinerary changes.

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