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Europe & Arctic

Iceland & Greenland

The majesty and remote landscapes of North East Greenland combined with the remote outer fjords of NW Iceland are the playgrounds for this incredible adventure. Sea kayaks and paddle boards from the comfort of an 80 ft sailboat are a superb way to explore the amazing wildlife and magical light of these fascinating northern wonderlands. Polar bears, seals, muskox, millions of migratory birds, fjords and icebergs await.

12 day trip

Iceland & Greenland Expedition

Iceland & Greenland Expedition



Norway is known for its spectacular fjords and glaciers, high mountains and superb coastal paddling. The country spreads 2000kms from south to north, with nearly a third of Norway lying above the Arctic Circle. The Lofoten Islands archipelago is situated above the Arctic Circle and showcases stunning scenery and quaint fishing villages. We stay in charming and attractive sea side cottages (traditional Robuer), surrounded by picturesque seascapes and mountain peaks.