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Antarctic Kayaking: South Georgia, Falklands & Antarctic Peninsula 2019/20

Antarctic kayaking wildlife extravaganza!

20 & 21 day voyages 7–9 days kayaking

  • Antarctica


  • South Georgia

    South Georgia

  • Antarctica


  • Antarctica


  • South Georgia

    South Georgia

Combine kayaking amongst the teeming wildlife of South Georgia with the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Antarctic Peninsula and a visit to Stanley, a remote British outpost in the Falkland Islands. This is a trip of a lifetime.

Kayak in Sir Ernest Shackleton’s memories and enjoy close up encounters with majestic king penguins as we paddle in South Georgia. Here, snow and ice capped peaks line the skyline, lush tussock grass carpets the lower hills and abandoned whaling stations have been reclaimed by fur seals. We'll journey deep into glacial bays, where black-browed and wandering albatross, prions, terns and petrels soar overhead and elephant seals loll on beaches watched over by multitudes of macaroni and rock hopper penguins.

The 3rd jewel of this trip are 3 days sea kayaking in the Antarctic Peninsula. Orcas and humpback whales feed in these waters and an endless array of picturesque icebergs are the backdrop for many paddling delights.

These polar kayaking adventures take place on an Antarctic cruise aboard the mother-ship Polar Pioneer, home to our fleet of sturdy plastic kayaks. Antarctica is truly a wild place of indescribable beauty. If you choose to paddle with us in Antarctica, you’ll be a member of a small select paddling group that is accompanied by a dedicated kayak guide. You’ll have the option to kayak every day that conditions permit—or even twice a day. These are small-ship expedition cruises rather than fully programmed tours, and each Antarctic sea kayaking trip is guaranteed to have new and exciting experiences.

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Here is a small taste of Antarctica, courtesy of Chris Summers who paddled there recently.

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Moderate Plus

2019 Departure

20 Day Trip: 29 Nov–18 Dec, 2019

2019/20 Departures

21 Day Trip: 28 Dec 2019 –17 Jan 2020; 14 Mar – 3 Apr, 2020


20 Day Trip: From US $21,300
21 Day Trip: From US $20,200


Includes one night accommodation on arrival.


International airfares, post-cruise accommodation.

  • * Cost depends on cabin chosen
  • * All trip costs are listed in US dollars


Meet at Ushuaia, Argentina

Day 1
Ushuaia hotel accommodation.
Days 2–3
Board mothership, kayak briefing. At sea,Drake Passage.
Days 4–7
Paddle and explore Antarctic Peninsula.
Day 8
Elephant Island, conditions permitting.
Day 9–10
Cross Scotia Sea.
Days 11–14
Paddle and explore South Georgia.
Days 15–16
Cross Scotia Sea.
Day 17
Falkland Islands.
Days 18–19
At sea to Ushuaia.
Day 20
Trip concludes after breakfast in Ushuaia.

  • 21 Day Trip spends has one extra day in South Georgia, contact us for detailed itinerary.

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