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Arctic Complete 2020

Immerse yourself in the best of the European Arctic by kayak

23 day trip 19 days kayaking

  • Relaxed paddling - Svalbard

    Relaxed paddling - Svalbard

  • Svalbard's stunning coastline

    Svalbard's stunning coastline

  • Walrus haulout - Svalbard

    Walrus haulout - Svalbard

  • Paddle Svalbard

    Paddle Svalbard

  • Polar Bears - Svalbard

    Polar Bears - Svalbard

  • Svalbard glacial front

    Svalbard glacial front

  • Greenland icy landscapes

    Greenland icy landscapes

  • Svalbard paddling

    Svalbard paddling

  • Greenland children

    Greenland children

The Arctic Complete- New itinerary for 2020!

Combine the most most popular European Arctic kayaking ship-based itineraries to sea kayak Svalbard and East Greenland on this spectacular 24 day adventure. Our expedition ship MV Greg Mortimer will be your base and warm refuge. This is a stunning Arctic wilderness adventure.

You will be among a privileged few to sea kayak Svalbard and East Greenland combined. Your journey will take you east and north-west around Svalbard and across to Greenland. You'll then travel south down Greenland's rugged and beautiful east coast.  Eventually you'll cross the Denmark Straight at sea again to Iceland where the trip concludes.

Svalbard by sea kayak

Exploring Spitsbergen by sea kayak is a true delight. Svalbard's west coast is dominated by the Gulf Stream. The relatively mild sea temperatures provide abundant feed for the Arctic wildlife that surround and delight you. Paddle past ice-blue ice cliffs and rocky beaches and beside huge icebergs. With plenty of time on this extended itinerary you'll paddle with the wildlife, explore the hidden coves and marvel at the colourful Arctic tapestry of life.

We will be on the lookout for whales and polar bears amongst the pack ice and take special interest in spotting walrus in their haulouts on the beaches. The sea birds are also next to none, roosting on rocky cliffs and whiling and diving in their search for food.

As your time in Svalbard comes to an end you'll find yourself on the north west coast where the sea conditions will have changed a lot. Conditions are affected by the cold waters of the Arctic ocean and the landscape is harsh and frost eroded. Ice and sea condition will affect our itinerary in these days and even in summer we may find our way blocked by pack ice. In the true spirit of an expedition, we will find our way as far north in Spitsbergen as we can, always on the lookout for great paddling opportunities.

Across the Greenland Sea

On any expedition there are times to rest. Our crossing to the west from Svalbard to Greenland across the Greenland sea is one of these. You'll have the opportunity to review you photos, listen to informative lectures, just walk on the deck on the lookout for sea life or perhaps just get some well earned rest!

Kayaking in East Greenland

The remote and relatively unvisited coastline of East Greenland is our next delight. This rugged coast is dominated by jagged mountains and a high ice cap. Paddling on this coast is at its best.  Paddle your sea kayak past towering icebergs and witness dramatic glaciers meeting the ocean. The impossibly rugged mountain icecap and remote island passageways provide sensational sea kayaking opportunities.

We will make our way south, exploring as we go deep ice filled fjords, and the abundant wildlife. This coastline is among the most beautiful places in Greenland and perhaps the world. It hosts some of the most remote villages in the world that are teetering on the brink of modernity but clinging to old tradition. We will have the rare opportunity to visit one of these villages. While we wander the streets and talk to the locals. You will experience for yourself life in this breathtaking environment.

Farewell till next time

As your Arctic adventure exploring Svalbard and East Greenland comes to an end we will have some time to reflect on our shared experiences as we recross the Greenland Sea on our way back to Svalbard. These will be special days, savouring the Arctic environment and being on the lookout for sea birds and dolphins. We will say goodbye till next time in Longyearbyen, Svalbard.

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2020 Departure

9 Aug - 31 Aug


From AU $19,900


Accommodation and meals aboard ship, kayak guide, all paddling equipment including dry suit. Group sightseeing tour in Longyearbyen pre-voyage, group transfer from Longyearbyen to ship, dog sledding tour in Svalbard. Group transfer from ship to Longyearben or airport on conclusion.


All other airfares and pre- and post-cruise accommodation.

  • * Cost depends on cabin chosen
  • * All trip costs are listed in Australian dollars


Meet at Longyearbyen, Svalbard

Day 1
Arrive Longyearbyen, Svalbard, join a town tour of Longyearbyen before emarking. Evening kayak briefing.
Day 2-3
South East Svalbard. We sail along Svalbard's west coast. Our frirst paddles will give us a chance to get comfortable with our equipement and paddling in Arctic waters. We'll see stunning aqua-blue ice cliffs and abundant wildlife.
Day 4-6
North West Svalbard. We will continuew to explore Svalbard's coastline, wathcing out for polar bears, whales and pack ice. Fantastic paddling opportunities abound, we'll paddle past rocky headlands, explore calm coves and marvel at the wildlife around us.
Day 7-9
North West Svalbard. As we head further north, still following the coastline of Svalbard we will encounter colder water and conditons. The padlding in these areas is still spectacular and we will get a chance to paddle near pack ice, depending on the season. The seabirds are stunning and we will paddle past cliffs full of birds, wheeling and gliding as they search for food.
Day 10-13
West Svalbard. We will spend our time exploring Svalbard north and west coastlines. Paddling on these days is stunning, we will see calvng glaciers, deep and magnificient fjords and searching for wildlife.
Day 14 - 15
Greenland Sea. We will bid a fond farwell to the beautiful Svalbard coast and turn west to cross the Greenland sea. Time to rest and relax, take in some lectures and stroll the deck looking for fin whales, pack ice and seabirds.
Day 16-18
East Greenland. We arrive and explore Greenland's remarkable east coast. This is a rugged and beautiful place with spectacular paddling opportniites.
Day 19-21
East Greenland and Scoresby Sund. Heading south down the coastline we will continue to search for beautiful paddling opportuniites. As the Greenland icecap sweeps down towards the ocean, gigantic glaciers will be our backdrop as we paddle. Scoresby Sund, the world's largest fjord, is a maze of icebergs just perfect to explore by kayak.
Day 22
Across the Greenland Sea
Day 23
Longyearbyen, Svalbard. Trip conculudes.

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